Large indoor Plants are spectacular and they make your house look like a tropical Heaven!

Large indoor plants bring charm and positive vibes to the room!
They blend well with furniture and they are easy to grow.
In fact, most large indoor plants are low maintenance plants. 
You can decorate room corners with tall potted plants even if you have furniture that goes from wall to wall.

In this post, we enlisted the best large indoor plants that will definitely make your interior adorable! 

Monstera Deliciosa: This epic plant is fabulously easy to look after, a perfect statement plant for newbie plant parents or those plant lovers among us who just don’t have the time for a high maintenance green buddy. Monstera can potentially grow up to 20m tall, given the right care, over many many years. And as well as being fabulous to look at, she also has incredible tendril-like roots that are so strong they have been used in Mexico and Peru to make ropes and baskets.

Yucca: one of the toughest plants. It can endure neglect, lack of watering and any kind of abuse. Yucca elephantipes is not only a powerful tool in the interior design arsenal for sunny spaces, but also an incredibly striking and attractive desert plant in its own right!

Dracaena: Beautiful leaves in fashionable colours on a sturdy trunk Dracaena is a statement plant with an exotic look. If you’re one of those people who enjoy plants in the home, you’ll fall in love with the dracaena. It’s resistant, easy to care for, and very decorative, not to mention that it’s capable of purifying the air and removing toxins.

Euphorbia: Like tall houseplants, large euphorbias plants can create a statement as well. They look bold and trendy, and apart from receiving bright indirect light and part sunlight, they don’t have other requirements. If you’ve got a window in your home that gets some sunshine, you can grow them.

Calathea: If you're after a houseplant that will really turn heads, Calathea is the one for you. This genus of plant includes some of the most gorgeous-looking tropical plants on the planet, characterised with bold striped leaves in an array of bright colours. Speaking of the leaves of the Calathea, the patterns and colours found on this plant will have you hypnotised. Even the underside of the leaves are visually interesting. You could even coordinate the colour of your Calathea with the colour of your interiors.



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