Tradescantia Albiflora Nanouk Fantasy Venice Baby Plant 9 cm

Tradescantia Albiflora Nanouk Fantasy Venice Baby Plant 9 cm

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Ttradescantia Nanouk or Fantasy Venice is a popular plant, sought-after for its colourful patterning and uncomplicated care requirements.

Cultivated as a robust alternative to its sister, the Zebrina, the pick ‘n’ mix of pinks, greens, whites and purples shimmer on almost plaited fuzzy foliage across long trailing stems. Looking good with very little effort, this plant is a welcome colourful addition to any living space.

Light: Bright to medium light conditions. To maintain the most striking colours give it bright diffused light.

Water: Water well during the growing season and allow to dry out between waterings. If the plant sits in wet soil for long periods, it will cause root rot. Reduce the amount of watering in winter.

Humidity: Prefers increased levels of humidity but will tolerate normal conditions.

Temperature: Happy in normal room temperatures from 10-24°C

Origin: Tradescantia albiflora Nanouk originates from Mexico and Central America.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic to pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot: Ø- 5.5 cm x h- 5 cm. 

Please note that decorative pot in not included.