Tillandsia Samantha in Glass vase 50cm XL Air Plant Award Winner
Tillandsia Samantha in Glass vase 50cm XL Awarded Air Plant

Tillandsia Samantha in Glass vase 50cm XL Air Plant Award Winner

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Tillandsia 'Samantha' Is a fantastic hybrid between Tillandsia mooreana and T. kalmbacheri. T. Samantha' is an award winning Tillandsia.Once you’ve seen this rare hybrid you understand why it’s an award winner. Its beautiful green leaves are not only big and broad, but arch out from a perfect rosette to form the most dreamy curls, like ribbon on a present. For any air plants lovers out there, this one is for you

Tillandsia 'Samantha' is an epiphytic perennial cultivar from the Bromeliaceae family. It can be planted in well-draining potting mix or grown without soil as an epiphyte. If growing as an epiphyte, provide with plenty of humidity. Often grown as an unusual houseplant, it produces straight, green leaves in rosettes and small, tubular, purple flowers on branched stems, surrounded by light pink modified leaves known as bracts.

CareThe Tillandsia does not absorb water through its roots, but through its leaves. Therefore it’s best to water the plant by spraying its leaves with rainwater or lime-free water. Do this about 2 to 3 times a week and place the plant in a spot where there is good air circulation. This way, the plant can dry up again after you’ve sprayed it, which is important for its health.

Light: Place the plant in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight.They should receive bright, indirect sunlight. Indoors, an east or west facing window area is ideal.

Plant supplied in Glass vase 50cm tall. the vase approx Ø -12cm x h-11cm