Tillandsia Ionantha in Moss Ball on Macrame Valentines Gift

Tillandsia Ionantha in Moss Ball on Macrame Valentines Gift

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Introducing Tillandsia Ionantha iin Moss Ball on Macrame. Low maintenance tropical plant need minimal care, they absorb nutrients from air and water -(spray the leaves weekly) so therefore don’t need soil.The Tillandsia can grow anywhere! The plant prefers a moderate amount of sunlight. That is why you shouldn't put the Tillandsia in full sun. Now just find a nice place and it's ready to go!

These plants do need a humid environment to thrive, so a bright bathroom or steamy kitchen would be idealI. In the warmer months give them a weekly bath in a bowl of water for 20 - 30 minutes (rain or filtered water is ideal but not essential). Gently shake off any excess water and let it dry upside down on a towel. When dry return to its usual spot. In colder months watering can be reduced to 2 - 3 weeks.

Feel free to mist in between waterings to keep their humidity levels up.

Keep them in a light, bright room out of direct sunlight.

Yay! This plant is non-toxic to pets and people.

Plant size approx 9 cm.

Moss ball size approx 10 cm in diameter.

Total length with macrame 24 cm approx.