Syngonium Chiapense Rare

Syngonium Chiapense Rare 80 cm

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Syngonium Chiapense is one of the most exotic Syngoniums!

This rare plant produces huge vibrant beautiful green round, heart-shaped leaves that have a rubbery texture when mature. Leaves size can reach can reach about 30-50 cm.

Treat yourself to this wonderful easygoing species, which is a must-have for every Aroid collector!

This amazing species is native to Chiapas in Mexico, and it is still quite uncommon in cultivation, despite it grows quite easily

Syngonium Chiapense can grow much larger foliage than other Syngonium if it has climbing support. In nature, its leaves can reach up to 70cm in length. So, if you provide it with a support moss pole at home, you will see its leaves get bigger very quickly! 

Watering: Water arrowhead plant when the soil surface starts to dry. This plant likes to be on the moist side, but not wet or soggy. 

Humidity: Regular humidity levels are sufficent.

Light: Indirect bright sun-light. Leaves will be damaged in direct sun.

Temperature: They like to be in a warmer spot about 18 degrees C.

Origin: Mexico, Brazil & Bolivia

Toxicity: This particular type of plant is toxic to both humans and animals. Therefore it is a good idea to keep your house pets away from the Arrowhead if you have any in your home.Keeping the plants in a room and on a shelf is an excellent way to prevent young children from reaching them. 

Plant supplied in nursery pot ⌀ 17 cm and  14.5 cm high.