Stephania Erecta in terracotta pot with a saucer 20cm

Stephania Erecta in terracotta pot with a saucer 20cm

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Stephania Erecta in terracotta pot with a saucer.

ūüíö The plant is extremely rare, and rarely seen for sale.

This is the elegant Stephania Erecta. This beautiful species can be found in Thailand. Stephania it's a caudex - grows from a large bulb. It makes a large, rock-like base and has very delicate leaves with lighter veins.The leaves are described as disc-shaped, sometimes as small umbrellas but the beauty of this plant is the delicate beautiful leaves seem suspended in the air as it grows. It will support the leaves well on its own and typically doesn't require any support. 

The plant will go dormant at least once a year and the caudex should be kept completely dry in a cool dry spot, in January each year give the plant a good soak for 24 hours and then plant the caudex on top of the soil, pushing gently and firmly so the plant makes contact with the soil. After a few weeks, sometimes longer the plant will slowly wake up and you will have another beginning to grow. 

General care is very simple, treat this plant similar to a succulent or a cactus and you won't go far wrong. the plant like good light and being. caudex stores water well so it doesn't require a great deal of watering, in fact too much watering or sitting in damp soil will rot the plant. 

Light: full sun

Water: sparingly, once per month in winter, once every week and half in summer

Soil: fast draining potting mix like cactus mix

Plant toxicity: TOXIC for humans and animals when ingested.