Senecio Herreianus Purple Flush - String of Banana’s 20cm
Senecio Herreianus Purple Flush - String of Banana’s 20cm

Senecio Herreianus Purple Flush - String of Banana’s 20cm

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The String of Bananas is not yet widely available in the UK. It has vibrant lilac vines and little fleshy green fronds coming off. 

You might have heard of the string of pearls or the string of hearts , but now it’s party time because the string of bananas are here!

An easy care plant which is considered a succulent. Senecio is originally from South Africa and used to warm weather throughout the year – so ensure this plant is kept away from cold drafts and frost.

The string of bananas are another fantastic hanging plant and look amazing in it’s it’s own hanging basket. It also looks great in a ceramic & macrame hanger, for those who may want to re-pot and hang in a little more style.

Light: Place the string of bananas in the brightest spot you can find and offer as much direct sunlight as you can. You should try and aim for at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. If you can’t achieve this, you could consider buying some growlights to help keep your string of bananas in optimum condition.

WateringHailing from South Africa, this drought-resitant succulent really doesnt need too much water. Let the soil dry out completely between watering. We urge you to always go towards under-watering rather than over-watering with the string of bananas.

HumidityString of bananas are used to the dry, hot climates of South Africa, so they should be fine in your home. Just keep them away from drafts and radiators so they don’t suffer from any extreme temperatures.

ToxicitySince they are closely related to String of Pearls which are known to be mildly toxic, err with caution when bringing this houseplant home to pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic hanging basket