Selenicereus Wercklei Moonlight Hanging Cactus 60 cm

Selenicereus Wercklei Moonlight Hanging Cactus 60 cm

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Selenicereus Wercklei or Moonlight Cactus is a jungle cactus. It is similar to the Rhipsalis family.  The trailing stems of this plant are also known as the moonlight cactus as it’s said to flower at night.

Light: Likes a bright spot, will even tolerate some direct sunlight.

Water: Minimal watering needs - water well when the soil becomes dry.

Humidity: High humidity requirements. Mist frequently and stand in the shower or a tray of water from time to time.

Temperature: Needs average to warm conditions 16-25°C but will be OK down to 10°C for short periods.

Origin: Native to Mexico and Asia.

Toxicity: This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

This plant is supplied i nursery plastic pot : 

Ø - 14 cm x h - 10 cm