Sedum Morganianum 30cm
Sedum Morganianum 30cm

Sedum Morganianum 30cm

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Sedum Morganianum is a beautiful trailing succulent that is perfect in hanging baskets. It has grey-green leaves, and is very easily propagated. Keep away from drafts, although cooler winter temperatures may encourage flowers to bloom in the spring.

Light conditions: indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day)

Watering: this plant is a succulent storing water in its leaves, during summer months only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. It will need less frequent watering during the winter months.

Temperature: keep at a normal room temperature, allow the temperature to fall in winter but avoid low temperatures. Frost is the enemy of a Sedum!

Ttoxicity : this plant is not toxic to pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic hanging basket : 

Pot ϕ-17cm x h-16cm