Sansevieria Masoniana Victoria

Sansevieria Masoniana Victoria Beginner Friendly Houseplant 22cm

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A plant of many names, some call it Snake Plant others Mother-in-law’s tongue whilst its botanical name is Sansevieria Metallica. The Snake Plant is the perfect plant for a novice as it's almost unkillable (unless you actually leave it swimming in water).

It’s the perfect plant for you to have in your bedroom as its one of the best air purifying plants. Some cultures believe it provides a home with good luck.

Native to South Africa, this easy to care for Sansevieria has a single blade which is eye-catching and will stand out amongst leafy foliage. They can grow up to 4m tall.

This plant will often flower at night (if it does at all), and it emits a citrusy, sweet aroma.

LightMedium to bright light is best but can also tolerate low light environments, making it perfect for those tricky corners that deserve a bit of greenery.

Watering: Water your plant when the soil is completely dry, allowing the water to run through the drainage holes. Letting it sit in water can cause root rot. We suggest watering every couple of weeks in Summer and less in Winter.

Humidity: Snake Plants do not have any particular humidity requirements but they prefer drier environments.

Origin: Western Africa, from Nigeria to Congo

Please note: It is quite common for these plants to have small nicks or scars on their leaves. This does not affect their long term health in any way.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep away from children and animals.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot: Ø - 8 cm x h - 7 cm