Sansevieria Cylindrica Bocellensis Starfish Beginner Friendly Houseplant 20cm

Sansevieria Cylindrica Bocellensis Starfish Beginner Friendly Houseplant 20cm

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Sansevieria Starfish Sansevieria Cylindrica Bocellensis is a succulent plant with short, fat, fleshy cylindrical leaves that taper to a point. This snake plant cultivar has leaves with grayish-green color and bands of darker green marks around the leaves.

Many species of Sansevieria have the common name snake plant - this cultivar also goes by the name cylindrical snake plant. Sansevieria starfish plants are easy care succulents  that need plenty of indirect sunlight and little water.

Light: The best location is a bright room with plenty of natural sunlight. Ideally, sansevierias grow well on a sunny windowsill. If they grow near a south-facing window, use a sheer curtain to protect the fleshy succulent from the sun’s direct rays.

Watering: Water starfish sansevieria plants only when the soil dries out. In summer, water the succulents every week or two. During winter, water starfish sansevieria infrequently—every month or even less. Waiting for the potting mix to dry before hydrating the soil ensures you don’t overwater.To water a sansevieria starfish, first poke your finger in the soil to check for dryness. If the growing medium is bone dry, give the soil a thorough drenching with room-temperature water. Allow all the excess water to drip out before returning the succulent to a sunny location.

Temperature: Starfish sansevierias grow outdoors in hot, arid climates. The good news is that average room temperatures are excellent for growing spear sansevierias indoors. An ideal temperature range is 60°F to 80°F (15°C – 26°C)

Please note: It is quite common for these plants to have small nicks or scars on their leaves. This does not affect their long term health in any way.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep away from children and animals.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot: Ø - 8.5 cm x h - 7 cm