Rhipsalis cassuth Cassera 40 - 85 cm
Rhipsalis cassuth Cassera 40 - 85 cm

Rhipsalis cassuth Cassera 40 - 85 cm

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Rhipsalis cassuth Cassera has long, pencil like stems this forest cactus makes a perfect low maintenance trailing or hanging plant. Native to the rainforest it requires an indirect sunny spot and very minimal watering.

Water: Water when 80% of the soil is dry.

Light : indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day). Can tolerate a couple of hours of morning and evening light. 

Neediness: This is a low maintenance houseplant. It will benefit from occasionally dusting the leaves to unblock its pores and rotating to ensure even growth.

Humidity: moderate to high humidity

Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms,bathrooms and kitchens

Temperature: the plant thrives all year round at normal room temperatures..

Origin: rhipsalis cassutha belongs to a genus of epiphytic growing cacti from the rainforests of Brazil.

Toxicity: All Rhipsalis species are considered non-toxic