Rare Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku Booby Cactus Titty Cactus
Rare Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku  Booby Cactus Titty Cactus 10cm

Rare Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku Booby Cactus Titty Cactus 10cm

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Myrtillocactus geometrizans ‘Fukurokuryuzinboku’ is a cactus with blue-grey, columnar stems that feature lots of swollen tubercles reminiscent of female breasts, which it owes its common names to. Also called ‘Booby Cactus’ or ‘Titty Cactus’, this plant is a rare and iconic must-have that is prized in any collection!

The Booby Cactus produces very small, greenish-white flowers in spring, which can bear purple, edible fruit. The plant is a slow-growing cactus and it does not bloom before reaching 60 cm in height. In nature, it can even grow up to 4 metres in height. However this takes decades, so don't you worry about your precious plant space!

Light: The Myrtillocactus requires direct sun to grow evenly but be careful of very hot windowsills during summer months as the magnification from the glass can burn the plant surface. Because this specie has little to no spines, it is more susceptible to sunburn.

Watering: Myrtillocactus prefers to stay on the dry side. In the summer water them only when the soil has dried out entirely. Always err on the side of underwatering. They are built to withstand drought, and overwatering is one of the quickest ways to kill them. During the winter water very infrequently, if at all. If you are unsure whether or not the soil is dry, wait a few days before watering.

OriginThe Myrtillocactus is native to northern central Mexico down to Oaxaca.

Toxicity: Myrtillocactus are not known to be toxic to humans or pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot size :

Ø - 6,5 cm x h - 7 cm 

( Decorative pot is not included)