Rare Dischidia Oinantha Varagiated Hanging Plant 50 cm

Rare Dischidia Oinantha Varagiated Hanging Plant 50 cm

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Dischidia oiantha 'Variegata' has attractive, oval, silvery-white edged leaves and it looks gorgeous hanging from a wall hook or trailing down a mantlepiece!

These plants are epiphytes, which means in the wild they grow on and feed off tree trunks and branches. You can recreate this by adding a pole or one of our plant supports. 

This Dischidia is a real gem and just one of the many Dischidias available - have a look at Dischidia Pectanoides fitted in snail shell, which is also great for beginners.  You will soon want to start a Dischidia collection!

This little plant makes an amazing gift - we’ll include a free, handwritten card with your delivery! You just need to add your gift message at the checkout and we’ll do the rest! No paperwork included either!

Place: A shady spot with indirect light.

Light: It is best to grow your Dischidia in a spot that does not receive direct sunlight. These plants need bright light, but direct exposure can irrevocably damage the leaves. -choose a window that faces south, east or west. 

Watering: Allow the planting medium to dry out before you water the plant. They are used to getting moisture only from dew and the air, and cannot tolerate soggy conditions. When the shell  and bark is dry to the touch, submerge the shell in water until air bubbles are gone. 

Toxicity:  This plant is toxic to pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery hanging plastic basket ϕ-14 cm x h-10 cm