Rare Astrophytum Asterias Star Cactus 12cm

Rare Astrophytum Asterias Star Cactus 12cm

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Astrophytum asterias it’s a rare, small cactus commonly known as the "Star Cactus," is a small and distinctive cactus species native to northern Mexico.

Its appearance is characterized by its globular shape and the presence of white, star-shaped markings on its surface.

Behold the mesmerizing wonder of the Rare Astrophytum Asterias Star Cactus! Nature's artistry at its finest, these remarkable cacti showcase intricate patterns that mimic the celestial heavens

The arrangement of the spines on Astrophytum asterias follows a precise geometric pattern, often spiraling outward. This arrangement is not only visually appealing but also helps the plant maximize its exposure to sunlight while minimizing water loss.

Symbolism: In Japanese culture, the Astrophytum asterias is seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It's sometimes referred to as "Hōrin," which translates to "treasure wheel" or "sacred circle."

This cactus grows at a relatively slow pace. It might take several years for it to reach its mature size and start producing flowers. This slow growth rate is part of what makes it a prized collector's item.

Light: Place your Astrophytum asterias in bright, indirect sunlight. It thrives in full sun, but avoid exposing it to intense, direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can lead to sunburn. If you're growing it indoors, choose a sunny window with filtered light.

Watering: Like most desert cacti, Astrophytum asterias has low water requirements. It's crucial to allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so a well-draining potting mix and a cautious watering schedule are essential.

Humidity: This cactus is adapted to low-humidity desert environments. It doesn't require high humidity levels and can tolerate dry air. Normal indoor humidity is generally sufficient.

Temperature: Keep your Astrophytum asterias in a temperature range of 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C) during its active growing season, which is usually spring to fall. Protect it from frost, as it's not cold-resistant.

Toxicity: Astrophytum asterias is not known to be toxic to humans or pets.

Origin: Astrophytum asterias is native to the Chihuahuan Desert in northeastern Mexico.

This plant is in size  5 cm approx and comes in a plastic nursery pot: Ø -7 cm x h - 9 cm .