Philodendron Piper Sylvaticum  Chavica Sylvatica Rare

Philodendron Piper Sylvaticum Chavica Sylvatica Rare 30cm

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The Piper Sylvaticum is a beautiful rare vining plant that comes from the Himalayas. This plant is part of the Piperaceae, or pepper, family. The Piper Sylvaticum is a rare plant with heart-shaped leaves that are brushed silver with deep green veins.It has a contemporary style that ties together a modern space.

This plant usually grows in subtropical rainforests so will thrive in high humidity and warm temperatures. Plant lovers seek this plant out for its unique foliage and variegation. If you want to create a jungle look in your home or want to create a statement, this is the perfect plant.

Watering: keep moist before each watering - we would suggest that you let the soil dry out by half and regularly keep the soil aerated. 

Humidity: like moderate humidity but would tolerate a less humid environment.

Light: medium to bright indirect light - keep out of direct sunlight.

Temperature: normal household temperatures are suitable, but keep out of cold draughts and watch out for the hot direct sun. 

OriginTibet, China, Indian.

Toxicity: Keep away from Pets & Childrens 

This plant is Supplied in a plastic nursery pot: 

Ø - 12 cm x h - 12 cm 

(Please note that decorative por is not included)