Philodendron Malay Gold 50 cm
Philodendron Malay Gold 50 cm

Philodendron Malay Gold 50 cm

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Philodendron Malay Gold in nursery pot Ø-15cm x h-14cm (please note that decorative pot is not included)

The Malay Gold is a beautiful and rare tropical plant native to Thailand. Being a climbing hybrid, this Philodendron produces paddle shaped leaves in a bright golden yellow colour that grow to almost eight inches long and four inches wide.

Light: I can handle anything from bright light to shade, but keep me away from direct sun.
Water: Allow the top 3cm of my soil to dry between waterings.
Temperature: Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect.Height/Growth: My leaves can get 8in long and 4in wide!
Feeding: Feed me fortnightly from spring to autumn.
Grooming: As I am a climber, I will probably require a support such as a moss pole once I get bigger.
Care: I can develop root rot if you water me too much or leave me sitting in water.
Toxicity: I am toxic so please don't eat me
Fact: There is some confusion over my name - you migth find me referred to as Lemon Lime, Green emerald or Ceylon Gold!Origin: I am a hybrid cultivated in Thailand.