Rare Monstera Standleyana Philodendron Cobra 50cm

Rare Monstera Standleyana Philodendron Cobra 50cm

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Monstera Standleyana or Philodendron Cobra is rare exotic Aroid climber. It is a popular choice to grow as a houseplant for its small unique leaves. The leaves are attractively variegated with creamy-yellow colouring.

Due to the close resemblance with Philodendrons, this plant is sometimes mistakenly called a Philodendron or Philodendron Cobra. Howbeit, both of these names have no scientific authentication.

Watering: Water once the top soil feels dry, droopy leaves can mean too much or not enough water.

Light: A Philodendron can survive in low light but grows faster and looks better in medium light.

Humidity: They love extra  humidity

Temperature: They like warmth, try not to expose to cold draughts. 

Toxicity: toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot : 

Ø - 17 cm x h - 16 cm