Livistona rotundifolia ‘Footstool’ Palm 75cm
Livistona rotundifolia ‘Footstool’ Palm 75cm

Livistona rotundifolia ‘Footstool’ Palm 75cm

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Livistona Rotundifolia in ceramic pot ϕ-23cm x h-17 cm 

The ‘Footstool’ - is a very attractive and elegant palm with large, shiny, fan shaped leaves and thorny stems.Palm adapts to indoor living extremely well, being undemanding and tolerating some degree of neglect. It is smaller than most other palms, but can still grow up to 2m indoors and will certainly add a tropical, green element to your living space.

Light: Bright indirect light to partial shade.

Water: Maintain moist soil conditions at all times. Allow the top of the soil to become slightly dry before watering. Palms don't like boggy conditions so do not over-water.

Temperature: Normal household temperatures between 18-24°C and always above 13°C. Avoid draughts.

Humidity: Prefers higher levels of humidity. Stand on a pebble tray and mist regularly.

Feed: Feed occasionally at half-strength during the warmer months. Do not feed during the winter. 

Care Tips: Remove any brown leaves to encourage healthy growth. The thorns on the spine are sharp, so take care when handling or wear gloves. Brown tips may develop, trim as required but avoid cutting into any fresh green foliage.

Air Purifying: Palms clean and improve air quality by filtering formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide toxins from the surrounding environment.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 4-8m, however indoors this is more likely to be around 2m. Livistona rotundifolia is very slow growing.

Origin: Southeast Asia and New Guinea.