Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Pink Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Pink Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Pink Kalanchoe 15 cm

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Kalanchoes are low-maintenance succulent plants and are very easy to care for. Give them a bright, sunny spot. Do not water them too much , wait until the top few centimetres have dried out. Deadhead the fading flowers.

The rosebud-like flowers of this pretty plant will often last for several weeks, virtually smothering the glossy green leaves. Compact but striking, it's easy to maintain, but will look great when placed on a side table, windowsill or shelf.

Flowering period: spring normally but can flower throughout the year periodically.

The Calandiva or Kalanchoe plant is traditionally associated with love, persistence and prosperity, due to its profusion of long-lasting blossoms. As a potted flower variety, they're well suited for a long life of abundant flowers, with blooms that can last six weeks or more

Water : Only water when the top few centimetres of the compost are dry and water very sparingly in winter. Allow some time between waterings, because too much moisture can cause root rot. Ensure that water can always drain away. You can feed once a month in spring and summer.

Light : Kalanchoes do best in a bright, sunny spot. A spot close to an east- or west-facing window is ideal in summer, and a south-facing one in winter

Temperature: Keep above 10º C in winter.

Origin: genus of about 120 species of succulent plants of the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae). Most species are native to Madagascar and tropical Africa, and many are popular for their easy culture indoors.

Toxicity: Be sure to keep your kalanchoe plants away from pets as they are toxic if eaten.

Plant supplied in nursery plastic pot ϕ-7 cm x h-6 cm