Jasminum polyanthum 30cm

Jasminum polyanthum 30cm

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 Jasminum polyanthum in nursery pot Ø-12cm x h-11cm (Please note that pot and pot stand is not included) 

Jasminum polyanthum, the many-flowered jasmine or pink jasmine, is a species of flowering plant in the olive family Oleaceae, native to China and Myanmar. A strong evergreen twining climber, it is especially noted for its abundant, highly fragrant pink to white flowers. 

Jasminum polyanthum produces gorgeous blooms and sweet fragrances, releasing a delicate aroma late into the night time hours. Just imagine the scent of this beautiful winter bloom filling your home. Goodbye chemical air freshener – hello fresh flowers! 

This kind of jasmine produces pink buds and delicate pink flowers in the winter and early spring, with clusters of blossoms that completely cover the entire plant. Blossoms normally appear in late February and continue blooming throughout the spring and early summer. 

Air boost: to get the best from your indoor jasmine, it’s wise to give it some time to flourish outdoors first – in a sunny spot during the summer and again for a six-week stretch in the cooler autumn months. This gives the buds a boost ready for the February bloom of jasmine flowers.

Light: Whether grown outside or indoors all Jasmine require bright light with some direct sun if possible, therefore a South facing window will be the perfect spot to grow your plant in..

Watering: Soil for your indoor jasmine plant should be porous and remain moist (but not soggy) .The two big cautions with indoor jasmine cultivation are don’t overheat them and don’t let the soil dry out. Particularly while the buds are developing, the plant should be kept it in a cool, well lit but unheated room (under 18ºC) for the best chance of flourishing.

Feeding: Feed once a month during spring with a half-strength liquid fertiliser that’s low in nitrogen.

Toxicity:  this plant can be toxic to cats and dogs.