Hylocereus Undatus Strawberry pear Pitahaya Cinderella Plant Moonflower Night Blooming Cereus, Belle of the Night Dragon Fruit Nightblooming Cactus, Strawberry Pear Dragonfruit Night-Blooming Cereus Fire dragon fruit Honolulu Queen Hanging Cactus

Hylocereus Undatus Dragon Fruit Strawberry Pear Hanging Cactus 25cm

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Hylocereus Undatus commonly known as Strawberry pear, Pitahaya, Cinderella Plant, Moonflower, Night Blooming Cereus, Belle of the Night, Belle-of-the-night, Dragon Fruit, Nightblooming Cactus, Strawberry Pear, Dragonfruit, Night-Blooming Cereus, Fire dragon fruit, Honolulu Queen

Hylocereus Undatus is a unique plant because it resembles a cacti with small spikes. It only looks like that; it is a touch-friendly plant and is therefore very popular. The Hylocereus produces numerous stems that can grow to 6-12 cm in length.

As this plant matures, it can produce fruit. These fruits are called pitaya or dragon fruit.

Watering: Water abundantly in spring and summer until flowering ends. In winter reduce watering, preventing the substrate from drying out completely.

Light & Temperature: Dragonfruit requires abundant, bright and direct light. Place it less than one foot from a window to ensure it receives enough light to survive. Temperatures should not be less than 11 ºC.

Humidity: Dragonfruit prefers dry environments.

OriginDragonfruit is native to Central, South America, and the Caribbean.

Toxicity: Dragonfruit is not known to cause harm to humans or pets , however shouldn’t be ingested. 

This plant is supplied in nursery hanging plastic pot:  Ø - 14 cm x h - 12 cm