Hoya Wayetti 24 cm
Hoya Wayetti 24 cm

Hoya Wayetti 24 cm

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Hoya Wayetti have long, narrow, thick leaves with a dark margin around the edges which can turn red when the plant is given more light. This Hoya should produce clusters of little flowers that look like little red balls with a beautiful star shape. 

Water:  Less is more when it comes to watering; we like to wait until the leaves pucker slightly.

Light: This hoya grows best in very bright light. Southern exposure is best, but it can adapt to east or west locations in front of a window. In low light, a Hoya Carnosa plant may never bloom. 

Humidity: They like high humidity and would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

Temperature: Average room temperature is fine.

Toxicity: This plant is toxic to pets 

This plant is supplied in nursery pot: 

Ø - 12 cm x h - 11cm