Hoya Krohniana Eskimo Super Silver 25
Hoya Krohniana Eskimo Super Silver 25
Hoya Krohniana Eskimo Super Silver 25

Hoya Krohniana Eskimo Super Silver 25

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Hoya Krohniana Super Silver is a subspecies of the Hoya Krohniana. And it is a rare variety that is sought after by collectors because of its unique looking leaves. 

As its name suggests, it have silver sheened foliage, which is why many people also refer to it as the Hoya Krohniana Super Eskimo.

Hoya Krohniana Silver features thick, waxy leaves which are small and have heart shapes.

As with other hoyas, you’ll also want to see it bloom as its flowers a fragrant and come in a lovely combination of white cream color with yellow middles. They will grow in bunches and have a hairy furry texture.

Light: Supply this Hoya with lots of bright indirect light, and some direct light; however, you will need to keep an eye on her in really hot weather. The more light you give her, the more likely she will bloom. 

Waterimg: Just like many other species of Hoya, The Hoya Krohniana is a plant that will not do well if it's overwatered. Overwatering this plant can cause a rapid decline that can eventually kill the plant. It is best if you allow this plant to dry out between waterings and then water it thoroughly. 

HumidityThe ideal humidity for the Hoya Krohniana Eskimo is between 60% and 80%. Again, this stems from its being a native of the Philippines.

Feeding: A liquid fertiliser can be applied during the growing season - once or twice a month should be plenty.

Temperatures: Normal household temperatures are suitable but keep out of cold draughts and watch out for the hot direct sun. 

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans if ingested. 

Origin: Southeast Asia.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot Ø - 12 cm x h - 11cm