Fittonia 'Pink Forest Flame' 5cm
Fittonia 'Pink Forest Flame' 5cm

Fittonia 'Pink Forest Flame' 5cm

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Fittonia Pink Forest Flame in nursery pot - 7cm x h- 6cm, (Please note that decorative pot from the picture is not included, plant is in nursery pot) 

Fittonia 'Pink Forest Flame' is also known as a nerve or mosaic plant. They have stunning foliage with pink and dark pink on green.

Coping well with low light, this houseplant may be placed in a shady spot out of direct sun. Check regularly if it needs watering, the easiest way to tell is by popping your finger in the soil and feeling for yourself!

Light: No direct sunlight; a bright, indirect setting is more than enough to occupy Fittonia as exposure to the intense rays will burn its foliage.

Warering: Water once the top inch dries out, avoiding persistent droughts at all costs.

Humidity: Provide a humid location, especially while the heaters are operating. Introduce a pebble tray to maintain a stable level of atmospheric moisture, along with lengthening the soil-drying process.

Fertilisation: Supplement using a 'Houseplant' labelled feed every two weeks during the growing period and monthly for the rest of the year. Never over-supplement in the dormancy period as it'll lead to the root-burn with yellowed leaves and spindly growth.

Toxicity: Not known to be poisonous 

OryginSouth America, Peru.