Euphorbia Trigona  African Milk Tree 90 cm

Euphorbia Trigona African Milk Tree 90 cm

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Euphorbia trigona is a gorgeous, branched succulent with a cactus-like appearance and upright growth habit, perfect for a very sunny spot. They grows little leaves from branches periodically.

Euphorbia Trigona is a variety native to Central and West Africa making it an excellent house plant.   

They are commonly grown as hedges in African due to their non-invasive, rapid growth rate and have many other names including candelabra cactus, friendship cactus, and good luck cactus making it a wonderful good luck gift to send to friends and family.

WateringThe African milk bush is drought tolerant and likes to dry out completely between each watering. They will not tolerate wet or soggy soil and do not like to be left standing in water.

LightAfrican milk trees are bright light plants and worship the sun and require at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. While they will tolerate partial shade and indirect light you will find they thrive in a bright sunny location. Sunny, south facing windows usually allow for the best lighting.

Temperature: Keep your plant in a location that stays at a consistent temperature above 10C, avoid placing near drafts and move from cold window sills during the winter.

Fertilising: Feed it every few weeks during the growing season using cactus or succulent fertiliser. Apply the first feed in early spring around April, the last feed can be added in September just before the start of autumn. Don’t feed at all over winter while the plant is in dormancy.

Toxicity: The white milky sap produced by Euphorbia Trigona can be toxic to both animals and humans if ingested and can also cause irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. If there are pets and children in the home make sure to keep out of reach of any prying hands or paws.

Plant supplied in nursery plastic pot Ø - 17cm x h-15cm (Please not that decorative pot is not included)