Euphorbia Lactea Coral Cactus 25 cm

Euphorbia Lactea Coral Cactus 35 cm

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Euphorbia Lactea is a Frankenstein of the plant world. It's actually two plants in one: the stem is one plant, and the 'flower' at the top is part of another plant in the same family that has been grafted onto it. The incredible thing is that this plant lives quite happily like this, and will grow and thrive in the right conditions.

Watering: Succulent fans beware, although this is a succulent, because of its unique grafted plant nature. its watering needs are quite unusual. You cannot leave it to completely dry out, but it also doesn't like very moist soil as the roots can rot very easily. Allow top 2-4 inches to dry.

Light: Full, direct sun to partial shade.

Temperature: The ideal growing temperature is 16-29 degrees Celcius.

Origin: Native to tropical Asia, mainly India, and Africa.

ToxicityTake extreme care when handling this plant it has very sharp spines.The sap of this plant (known as latex) is also toxic, so exercise extra caution if you have small humans or pets in the home.

This Plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot: 

Ø - 12 cm x h -  10 cm