Euphorbia Ingens Variegata White Ghost Euphorbia
Euphorbia Ingens Variegata White Ghost Euphorbia 45 cm

Euphorbia Ingens Variegata White Ghost Euphorbia 45cm

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Euphorbia Ingens Variegata its unique succulent with gorgeous white variegation covering most of its surface, you can see how this plant earned the nicknames 'Ghost Euphorbia' and 'White Ghost' .This beautiful rare houseplant that gives the flavour of the desert to the home! .

Euphorbia will loves you for not loving it! You are most at risk of damaging this plant by overwatering it. Resist the urge to over-care for your Euphorbia, allow them to dry out completely between waterings.

Light: loads of sunlight 

WaterWater when soil is dry 100%. Water only lightly during winter months.

Humidity: Will thrive in a normal home humidity and also tolerate dry air.

Soil: fast draining potting mix like cactus mix

Toxicity: toxic for humans and animals when ingested.

Originnative to Southern Africa

Repotting: repot every 2-3 years. Use a well draining cactus compost.

 Plant supplied in nursery pot Ø-17cm x h- 15cm ( please note that decorative basket is not included)