Epiphyllum Bevertail Beavertail cactus

Epiphyllum Bevertail Beavertail cactus 40 cm

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Beavertail cactus or Epiphyllum Beavertail has super chunky succulent leaves that will flop over the side of the pot as it grows. The leaves look like a Beaver's tail. Yep - now the name makes sense!!

Leaves are thick and leathery and has leaves in all directions, making it a real eye catcher.

These succulent plants don’t mind if you forget them for a while as they store the water in the leaves. A very lush succulent plant that would look great in any home or office space.

It is one of the easiest Epiphyllums to take care of and if you're lucky it produces the most amazing blooms too. 

Light: This plant loves a bright spot but out of direct light.

Water: Minimal watering needs - water as the soil becomes dry.

Humidity: High humidity requirements. Mist frequently and stand in the shower or a tray of water from time to time.

Temperature: Needs average to warm conditions 16-25°C but will be OK down to 10°C for short periods.

Origin: Native to Mexico and Asia.

Toxicity: Safe to pets!

This plant is supplied i nursery plastic pot : 

Ø - 12 cm x h - 11 cm