Dischidia Ovata Watermelon Plant
Dischidia Ovata - Watermelon Plant 60cm
Dischidia Ovata - Watermelon Plant 60cm

Dischidia Ovata - Watermelon Plant 60cm

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Dischidia Ovata - watermelon plant has beautiful foliage that resembles little watermelons. The leaves get a reddish colour in the sun. It makes a nice hanging basket or shelf trailer. Dischidias are related to Hoyas.  They are easy to grow and don't require much attention. They do best in filtered light.

Dischidia Ovata is an air plant, an epiphyte needing very little care and attention - it only needs sunlight, air and a little water to survive!

Light: requires medium or bright light without being exposed to direct sunlight

Water: this plant needs very little water, make sure that you let the soil surface dry before you even think about watering again. Just a misting should be enough. Avoid letting the soil get bone dry ,The plant can withstand shorter droughts and neglects. But it is not advisable to leave them dry for longer periods. 

Humidity: the Ovata loves the humid environment. In a dry atmosphere, consider enhancing the moisture level by using a pebble-water tray or a room-humidifier. Nevertheless, you can keep the plant in average moisture level and it will show no resistance for it.

Toxicitythis plant is toxic to pets.

This plant is supplied in nursery hanging plastic basket.