Crassula Hottentot - Jade Necklace 20 cm

Crassula Hottentot - Jade Necklace 20 cm

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The Jade necklace vine or Crassula Hottentot is a unusual, trailing variety of crassula. If you’re a fan of indoor succulents, this unusual Crassula marnieriana Hottentot may intrigue you. Also known as the Jade Necklace Vine as its worm-shaped strings of thickly compacted leaves trail over the edges of the pot.

Light: A bright, East or West facing windowsill that provides some morning or evening sunlight is perfect for this succulent.

Watering: Water the plant generously, then leave it until the soil becomes dry. Avoid leaving a Jade Necklace Vine sitting in pooled water. Occasional feeding with a diluted liquid fertiliser solution will help to keep this succulent healthy.

Toxicity :This plant is toxic to cats and dogs

Care Guide: Ideal For Beginners, probably the easist housplant to grow. 

Ideal Location: Dry sunny spot

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic hanging  basket :

ϕ-14cm x h-10cm