Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue Easy Care Pothos 15cm
Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue Easy Care Pothos 25cm

Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue Easy Care Pothos 25cm

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The Cebu Blue Pothos, or Epipremnum Pinnatum, is one of the more unique Pothos plants due to its distinct look.

This rarely seen and hard to find variety of pothos has beautiful textural foliage in rich, marbled shades of blue-green - a much sought-after addition to any houseplant collection!

A unique and interesting plant which is easy to care for and one of the best plants for cleaning air in the home.

Cebu Blue is also known by a few other names, which include: Centipede Tongavine, Devil's Ivy, Dragon-tail plant, Schindapsus Aureum, and Blue Pothos.

Light: Moderate light levels. Give it bright, indirect light year-round. Harsh direct sunlight will scorch its leaves.

WateringWater thoroughly and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Keep soil barely moist in winter. Yellow leaves are a symptom of overwatering. Always use room-temperature water when watering houseplants an provide good drainage.

HumidityPothos like high humidity but it is very tolerant and can thrive even where there is low humidity.

Temperature:They are extremely tolerant and can live in warm or colder temperatures.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic to humans, harmful to pets. Keep away from children and animals.

OriginFound originally on Cebu Island in the Philippines, this plant can now be found in areas of Asia, Central and South America.

Interesting Facts: The Cebu Blue variety in particular comes from the Cebu island in the Philippines, where it grows wildly vining up tropical trees. In the wild, it can reach up to 40 feet long and grow massive deeply-lobed leaves.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot Ø - 12 cm x h - 10 cm ( decorative hanging ceramic pot is not included)