Scindapsus Pictus Trebie Satin Pothos Silver Vine on Moss Pole 50cm

Scindapsus Pictus Trebie Satin Pothos Silver Vine on Moss Pole 50cm

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Scindapsus Pictus Trebie is a beautiful tropical vine with matte green foliage that's splashed with creamy silver variegation. Often called the “Satin Pothos” for its oval heart-shaped leaves which exhibit a soft sheen, it's a really delicate and ornate looking plant.

Scindapsus in the wild: Plants in the Scindapsus genus are found in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Queensland, and New Guinea. They are rock and tree climbers, producing larger leaves as they climb.

Light: Moderate light levels. Give Scindapsus pictus bright, indirect light year-round. Harsh direct sunlight will scorch its leaves, while too-little light will cause the leaves to lose their variegation.

WateringWater thoroughly and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Keep soil barely moist in winter. Yellow leaves are a symptom of overwatering. Always use room-temperature water when watering houseplants an provide good drainage.
Temperature: Happy in room temperatures from 15-24°C.

Humidity: Prefers increased levels of humidity but will tolerate normal conditions.

Feed: Apply a weak general purpose fertiliser during the summer. 

Height and Growth Rate: Moderate to slow growing. Trails will grow to 3m. 

Toxicity: Mildly toxic to humans, harmful to pets. Keep away from children and animals.

Origin: Southeast Asia.

Othercommon names include Silver Vine, Silver Cloud, Silk Pothos and Silver Philodendron. In Latin, it also goes by the name Scindapsus pictus Argyraeus (particularly in Europe). Pictus means 'painted' and is a reference to its lovely silvery variegation.

Interesting Scindapsus Facts: Scindapsus varieties express a type of variegation called blister or reflective. This variegation is produced by air pockets forming between the outer leaf layer and the inner leaf layer (where chlorophyll is present). The air pockets create a shimmer when light reflects off of them.

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot Ø - 17 cm x h - 16 cm