Platycerium Bifurcatum Common Staghorn Fern Hanging Plant

Platycerium Bifurcatum Common Staghorn Fern Hanging Plant 60 cm

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Platycerium are commonly called Staghorn or Elkhorn Fern due to their weirdly wonderful, unique, antler shaped leaves. They make fascinating specimen houseplants and look particularly effective as a hanging plant once the fronds get long enough to start trailing.

In its natural environment, this unusual (epiphytic) fern would usually be found attached to the branches or stem of a tree, but these ones have been potted up into hanging baskets so they can easily be displayed in the home. The combination of their flattened sterile fronds and gently arching, elkhorn-like fertile fronds is both dramatic and elegant - and will help to bring a tropical feel to the display.

WateringDue to the hard shield leaves covering the root ball, it is best to water from below. Dunk in water for 10-15 mins (less in winter) and ensure there is adequate drainage. Allow the soil to begin to dry-out before watering. Don't let it stand in water continually.

Light: Platycerium bifurcatum prefers bright, indirect light. Find the brightest spot you have for the best results - however avoid exposing your plant to direct sunlight as this will scorch the plant.

Humidity: These ferns prefer higher humidity levels where possible. Mist regularly. Ideal plants for kitchens and bathrooms.

Origin: Platycerium bifurcatum is native to New Guinea and Australia.

Toxicity : The Staghorn Fern is considered non-toxic. Safe around children and animals! 



Platycerium Bifurcatum Common Staghorn Fern Hanging Plant long for approx 60cm and wide for approx 80 cm . 


 Plant supplied in hanging nursery pot - ø 21 cm x h - 13 cm