Aporocactus Melanie Hanging Cactus Fox tail Cactus Rat tail Cactus

Aporocactus Melanie Fox Tail Hanging Cactus 35cm

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Aporocactus Melanie is a very peculiar and impactful species, also known by the common names of foxtail or rat's tail. Its stems are truly beautiful and can reach up to one meter in length, which is why it is often placed in a hanging vase, so that its stems can hang down and show themselves in all their majesty. It takes on a bright green color and the tips may be slightly lighter and reddish. Along the stems there are many small thorns.

LightChoose a position in the sun to get the best crop results.

WateringLike most cacti, these cactus houseplants do best when allowed to dry out between watering. During winter, cut watering in half and then reinstate when spring growth begins.

Temperature: can withstand temperatures up to 5 ° C.  
Origin: Mexico 

Toxicity: known as non toxic to pets. 

This plant is supplied in nursery hanging plastic pot:  Ø - 14 cm x h - 12 cm