Coconut Palm Gold Malayan Cocos Nucifera 130cm

Coconut Palm Gold Malayan Cocos Nucifera 130cm

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The Coconut Palm brings the holidays home with its stunning foliage shooting from the coconut shell !

Cocos Nucifera, is a decorative dream that adds rich, tropical auras and architectural verticality with its sprawling viridescent fronds and unique silhouette. Originating in the historic lands of South East Asia and the Malay Archipelago

This slow growing palm enjoys bright spaces and moderate watering to maintain soil moist.

It's also ideal to bring it outside as much as possible in warm weather, so it can receive direct sunlight.

Light: This plant will thrive in bright, indirect light and can tolerate direct sunlight. During the fall and winter months, consider placing your palm under a grow lamp to help make up for the loss of sunlight.

 Water: Keep the soil moist with warm water at all times but not soggy, watering once or twice per week in the summer months. Do not over water.

Humidity: Cocos Nucifera prefers increased humidity levels; Regular weekly misting will maintain plant appearance. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Temperature : Cocos nucifera originate from Tropical Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

FeedLiquid palm fertilizer can be applied occasionally during the growing season. So seek out a fertilizer blend specifically made for palm trees to supplement these losses, and follow label instructions for the amount and frequency of fertilization. Do not over-feed.

Moving Coconut Palm Outdoors for the Summer : Coconut palms thrive in the heat. They want to be in temperatures of no less than 20°C . The hotter the better! As soon as the temperatures rise to that level, take your coconut palm outdoors. There is no need to acclimate it to the warmer weather.

Origin : Cocos nucifera originate from Tropical Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

Toxicity: These plants are non-toxic and featured in our pet safe collection.

Plant supplied in nursery plastic pot :

Ø-19cm x h-17cm