Chlorophytum Comosum Variegatum Spider Plant

Chlorophytum Comosum Variegatum Spider Plant 35cm

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This Variegated Spider Plant has been awarded a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit as it is an incredibly easy plant to grow. Grown for the leaves, this lovely houseplant is great for beginners.

Popular with both novices and more experienced houseplant enthusiasts, the Variegated Spider Plant has a weeping, arching habit. It produces a mass of strap-shaped leaves, coloured green with white striping on the outer leaf edges.

Small white flowers may be produced at any time of year when growing indoors as a houseplant. Place it where it will receive decent amounts of indirect light and mist the leaves every so often (in addition to watering). It can help to filter air and easily grows in shade, indoors and in baskets making it a very popular houseplant.

It propagates itself! Spider Plants produce lots of little baby plants on spidery stems, these can be easily rooted in water or soil, whilst on the plant or separated.

Light: Chlorophytum require bright, indirect light. While it will tolerate some shade; this will slow its growth-rate and it may lose its stripes. Avoid direct sunlight.

WateringKeep your Spider Plant well-watered, aiming for lightly moist soil throughout the growing season. Less water is needed in the winter.

HumiditySpider Plants can tolerate drier air, but prefer rooms with higher humidity. Brown tips may indicate your plant is too dry. Consider giving it an occasional misting.

TemperatureThrives in normal room temperatures (above 16°C). Spider Plants are reasonably hardy and should survive temperatures above 8°C in winter if the soil is kept fairly dry.

ToxicityChlorophytum are non-toxic plants, therefore safe around small children and pets.

OriginChlorophytum Variegatum is native to tropical and southern regions of Africa.