Cereus peruvianus Florida 45cm

Cereus peruvianus Florida 45cm

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Cereus peruvianus Florida also known as Night Flowering Cactus, my common name referes to the fact that I flower only during the night and my flowers last just the one night, so you'll be lucky to ever see one!

Water: I don't require much but it depends on where you've placed me. Start by watering me once a month and add an extra dose if I'm in a hot place.

Light: The more the better! Get me the brightest spot in the house please.

Temperature: I can deal with a big range of temperatures from hot to cold.

Feeding: Not necessary but do add some in if you're repotting me.

Origin: I am native to Florida

Toxicity: Pets are unlikely to get close enough for a bite!

Plant supplied in nursery pot Ø -17cm x  h-16cm (Please note that decorative basket is not included)