Calathea Majestica Whitestar Prayer Plant 45cm
Calathea Majestica Whitestar Prayer Plant
Calathea Majestica Whitestar

Calathea Majestica Whitestar Prayer Plant 45cm

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Calathea majestica is simply a stunning plant, with impressive foliage with white and pink stripes.

Calathea Majestica 'White Star' thrives indoors with the correct care. Ensure your environment has high humidity with no direct sun light.

Light: Bright, indirect light

Watering: Keep the soil moist, water when the first inch of soil gets dry. Do not let the plant sit in water. Use only half of the recommended strength of fertilizer or opt for a slow-release fertilizer. Maintain a high humidity level around the plant to keep the leaves healthy.

Humidity: To maintain very vibrant and wholesome leaves, humidity around the plant must be at least 50% (ideally over 60%). Calathea White star is native to rainforests, the idea is to mimic the conditions from its origin.

Toxicity: Considered safe for humans and pets.

Origin: Rainforests of Brazil

 Calathea majestica Whitestar in nursery pot : Ø - 14 cm x h - 13 cm ( Please note that decorative pot is not included)