Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant in Hanging Glass Bauble 10 Ø
Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant in Hanging Glass Bauble 10 Ø
Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant in Hanging Glass Bauble 10 Ø

Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant in Hanging Glass Bauble 10 Ø

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Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants in 3 colours: pink, green, yellow in glass hanging terrarium lying on natural dried moss: 

terrarium size: Ø - 10 cm approx.
Air Plants size : Ø - 7 cm approx.

If you want something that is going to make more of an impact than your average air plant, then this whopper is just the ticket. It comes complete with its own glass terrarium, which measures approximately 10 cm in diameter and is ready to hang using the sturdy rope handle that has been threaded through.

Facts: Tillandsia plants are some of the most unique and interesting plants out there! These plants grow in such a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures, and are fun to collect and learn about.

Air plants are epiphytes and can also be lithophytes. An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant, like a tree branch or bark, but is not parasitic. They use their roots to anchor themselves rather than for nutrient uptake. They get their nutrients from the air, rain, and dew. A lithophyte is a plant such as moss or lichen, that grows on or amongst rocks or sand. There are a few “xeric” varieties of air plants that are also lithophytes that use trichomes to absorb moisture from the air.

Tillandsia (air plants) are members of the Bromeliad family which makes them close cousins to pineapples!

Tillandsia plants are found in many climates and environments from humid rainforests, high cloud forests, deserts, coasts, and mountain sides. Because they are found in such diverse climates, they have adapted to thrive in these sometimes harsh environments. 

Care: Air plants in general are easy to look after and need minimal care. They absorb their nutrients from air and water and therefore don’t need soil. Give your Spanish Moss a weekly spray with water (rain water is ideal but not essential). In the hot summer months you can mist them more often. For optimal care, spray with a specialised Air plant feed monthly.

Keep your air plant in a light, bright room out of direct sunlight. Remember to shake off any excess water though as they dislike overwatering and should never be allowed to sit in water for any length of time. If possible use rain water, especially in hard water areas, and never use water from a water softener.