Aglaonema BJ Freedman Chinese Evergreen 70cm

Aglaonema BJ Freedman Chinese Evergreen 70cm

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Aglaonema BJ Freedman exhibits a parade of mottled, silvery variegation, on a backdrop of elongated lime leaves. This Chinese Evergreen Beauty is an easy-care houseplant that can live very comfortably in any amount of indirect light and has medium water needs. If you want to add greenery to a low-light space in need of vitality or if you just want a low maintenance indoor plant then the Chinese Evergreen BJ Freeman is an excellent choice.

Watering: Prefer to dry out between waterings. Press your finger about an inch into the soil and if it is damp, do not water it. If it is dry it is time to water. In the summer you will water twice as much as the winter waterings. 

Light : Bright, indirect light will create a more diverse range in pattern on the leaves. Will grow slower if placed in lower light conditions. Can benefit from some direct morning sun, but guard it from harsh afternoon sun rays during hot summer months. 

Humidity: These plants tolerate a lower humidity however being surrounded by other plants or maybe water in a pebble tray will benefit the plant.

Toxicity: These Plant is toxic so keep out of reach of children and pets.

Origin: native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia and New Guinea. 

This plant is supplied in nursery plastic pot:

Ø - 17 cm x h - 15 cm