Aechmea Fasciata Primera Silver Vase Urn Plant Bromeliad With Pink Flower
Urn Plant Aechmea Fasciata Primera Silver Vase  Bromeliad With Pink Flower

Aechmea Fasciata Primera Silver Vase Urn Plant Bromeliad With Pink Flower 50 - 65cm

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 Aechmea fasciata Also known us Urn Plant and Silver Vase is an exotic-looking flowering plant from the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) family.

Aechmea, is an evergreen with rosettes of distinctive variegated or banded leaves of silvery grey, often with spiny edges. A stunning, long lasting, bright pink flower grows in the center of the plant. In spite of their exotic appearance, growing an Aechmea bromeliad is actually very simple. Read on and learn how to care for Aechmea bromeliads.

Despite its exotic appearance and tropical nature, this bromeliad adapts well to living as a potted house plant.

Aechmea fasciata grows in a rosette of stiff, arching leaves that form an urn. In its native South American rain forest, the leaves gather rain water in its urn. 

Symbolism: The silvery colour of Aechmea ’s leaves has shaped its symbolic meaning. The plant represents the same values as silver, such as purity, strength, clarity and focus. 

Watering: Aechmeas are epiphytes aand in nature grow attached to other plants anr even rocks. They get the moisture and nutrients they need through their foliage. It’s best to keep the vase, cup, urn or tank (the center where the flower arises out of) 1/4 to 1/2 way full of water. Keep the plant's urn filled with water at all times and change it weekly. Water regularly to keep the soil lightly moist, but not soggy. Don't allow the urn to dry out for very longBrown, shriveled leaf tips are likely caused because the plant is dry

Light: Aechmeas like bright light, like near an east or west window. They need this exposure to bring out the variegation in their foliage & also to flower. They’ll do okay in lower light for a few weeks but if you’re growing 1 for the long haul, bright is best. Just be sure to keep it out of direct, hot sun because it’ll burn.

Humidity/ Temperature: Average on both is fine. Just know that Aechmeas prefer good air circulation.

Origin: Aechmea is native to tropical and subtropical Central and South America and arrived in Europe in around 1828, where it made the transition from rare orangery treasure to popular housemate. The name is derived from the Greek word 'aichmê', which means lance or spike. With a big of imagination the spiky, thorn-like bracts could prick just like a spear.

Toxicity: Not toxic to pets! 

This plant is supplied in plastic nursery pot: 

Ø - 15 cm x h - 14 cm