E-gift cards

Bring a smile to a Loved One with a unique Living Gifts, perfect present for any occasion. 

Why not treat your Loved One with our e-gift card idea and let them choose their own green beauty.

E-gift card can be used for any of our products from cute plants to pots, baskets and all accessories. There is something for everyone.

How to do that ?

1. Simply choose your gift card.

2. Go to the check out / make a payment. 

3. You will automaticly get an email or text massage with link to Your e-gift card number.

4. Yey, done! You can shere e-gift card number with Your loved One and let them shop ...

How to use e-gift card number? 

1. Shop as normal.

2. Tape e-gift card number at the check out.

3. Choose any delivery option You like.

4. Done! Now enjoy Your living gift.

If You like to collect Your order in person adding Your phone number at the check out will be appreciated so we can contact You quickly and arrange the pick up date which suits you best.